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Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2

So far this game is really good.  I'm familiar with the classic Doom's and know it's history but never played them.  The first Doom I played was Doom 3  and even with that it wasn't much of it.  Maybe the first 25 minutes and from what I remember of the game it was more focused on slow paced horror. You had to switch between the flash light and your firearm (it was 2004 so I think it was a new concept) and there were a lot of jump scares.  This game is a crazy adrenaline rush.  I always feel like when I'm close to death in the game I'm going to have a heart attack and that's something that you are going to do often, is die.  Should change the character's to Tom Cruise because you just dying and dying and after a while because you keep dying you get more frustrated and start playing worse and worse like your Tony Romo or something.


I thought I was having an issue with my computer so I restored it.  For some reason the game data didn't transfer back over when I restored it back and now I have to start all over again.

Complete gameplay playlist of myself playing Doom